‘Sarkein Bahaal, Punjab Khushhal’ Underway


Lahore: Punjab Chief Minister (CM) Maryam Nawaz has announced the initiation of the “Sarkein Bahaal, Punjab Khushhal” project during a special meeting aimed at bolstering the socio-economic development in the province, as claimed by a news source on March 5.

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According to the details, CM Maryam articulated the directive that within six months, all roads across Punjab are to be repaired, leaving no thoroughfare neglected. The repair and rehabilitation efforts are to encompass both inter and intra district roads, with a steadfast commitment to maintaining high-quality standards throughout the process.

To augment connectivity, the directive entails the repair and rehabilitation of over 153 roads in Punjab, alongside the establishment of expressways on crucial link roads such as Multan-Vihari and Chinot-Faisalabad, facilitated through public-private partnerships.

It was disclosed that a comprehensive survey covering 7,948 kilometres of roads has been conducted utilising Road Right media, with an additional 2,000 kilometres surveyed through profilometer analysis. The assessment of road conditions was conducted based on a rigorous evaluation encompassing 100 distinct parameters.

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Furthermore, in a bid to enhance road management practices, CM Maryam mandated the installation of electric weighing machines along roads to enforce an efficient axle load management system, thereby ensuring the longevity of the infrastructure.


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