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Faisalabad: In the chronicles of Faisalabad’s history, a notable event is set to unfold, reminiscent of grand gatherings that have marked the city’s progress through time. Prepare to journey through the corridors of real estate excellence as unveils its revered Property Sales Event (PSE) on the distinguished grounds of Lyallpur Hall, nestled within the esteemed Chenab Club. The date is set for Sunday, the 10th of March, beckoning enthusiasts from far and wide to partake in a day of unparalleled exploration from the hours of 10 in the morning to 8 in the evening.

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Know how stands tall in FSD!

This gathering, steeped in tradition yet embracing the modern aspirations of property seekers, stands as a testament to’s enduring commitment to facilitating dreams of homeownership across the landscape of Pakistan.

Within the halls of PSE Faisalabad, a tapestry of exclusive discounts awaits, unfurling opportunities for investment across the nation’s diverse projects, each promising a gateway to realising one’s property ambitions. Guided by seasoned experts, attendees are assured a journey tailored to their aspirations, ensuring that every venture aligns harmoniously with their goals and desires.

The anticipation swells as the distinguished date approaches, calling upon all those with a passion for property to mark their calendars, set reminders, and extend invitations to companions, for this affair is one not to be missed.

Long list of premium projects

Venturing into this illustrious exposition, attendees shall encounter a curated selection of projects from every corner of Pakistan, each bearing the hallmark of excellence synonymous with’s dedication to quality and innovation.

  • Dream Homes
  • Prime City Constructed Homes
  • Prime City-II
  • Sitara Icon Tower
  • Swiss 99 Tower
  • The Edge Mall
  • 102 by Icon
  • Beach Resort by Icon
  • Damaan City
  • Jinnah Square
  • Madison Square
  • Q High Street
  • 201 Apartment
  • Grand Orchard
  • Tomorrow Land Country Club & Resorts
  • Zameen Aurum (sold out)
  • Zameen Jade
  • Zameen Neo
  • Zameen Opal (delivered)
  • Zameen Phoenix
  • Zameen Quadrangle

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Grace our Place on March 10

As the sun sets on this historic gathering, attendees are invited to grace the halls of Lyallpur Hall one last time, where camaraderie shall flourish amidst a backdrop of real estate excellence. Stay attuned to the echoes of progress through the channels of Zameen News, and seize the moment to secure exclusive discounts at’s Property Sales Event in Faisalabad – a rendezvous with destiny in the realm of real estate.


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