Pakistan Railways to Reacquire Lands


Islamabad: Pakistan Railways has heightened its efforts to reclaim a significant portion of approximately 13,972 acres of illegally acquired land, valued at billions of PKR, as reported by a news source on February 12.

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According to the details, one of the Land Ministry officials has disclosed that 5,809 acres are occupied in Punjab, 1,181 acres in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, 5,948 acres in Sindh, and 1,034 acres in Balochistan. The unlawfully occupied land encompasses various categories including commercial, residential, and agricultural purposes, and is under the control of different individuals or departments.

Specifically, 769 acres are designated for commercial use, 3,309 for residential purposes, 5,512 for agriculture, and 4,382 acres are encroached upon by various entities. The official further stated that the department has resolved to expedite its ongoing anti-encroachment campaign against land usurpers nationwide to reclaim the land from individuals, groups, and business entities who have utilised it for residential, commercial, or agricultural activities over the years.

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Consequently, anti-encroachment operations to reclaim encroached railway land across the railway network are initiated by the respective divisions, with notices issued to encroachers under the Possession Ordinance 1965, mandating them to vacate railway land or structures within 14 days.


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