LDA Steps Ahead in F-Block Plots Possession


Lahore: The Lahore Development Authority (LDA) has issued possession letters for over 740 plots in the F block, a move celebrated during a ceremony presided over by Chief Minister (CM) Punjab Mohsin Naqvi, as disclosed by a source on February 16.

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According to the details, the distribution of possession letters was held at LDA City, aimed to alleviate the concerns of allottees who had eagerly awaited this milestone. Addressing the ceremony in Lahore, CM Naqvi empathised with the challenges faced by LDA City allottees over the past nine years. He stressed the importance of providing clarity and certainty to investors in the project and acknowledging their frustrations.

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CM Naqvi pledged to expedite development in other blocks of LDA City, ensuring swift completion. He commended the efforts of the LDA team, particularly Director General (DG) Muhammad Ali Randhawa, for their dedicated work in facilitating the timely distribution of possession letters.


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