LDA Avenue-1 Sees Reviewal Under DG Ali


Lahore: Lahore Development Authority (LDA) Director General Muhammad Ali Randhawa assessed the progress of development activities at LDA Avenue-1, considering the advancements in the K and L blocks, as per a news source on February 18.

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Under the details, a comprehensive briefing on the status of the ‘K Block’ of LDA Avenue-1 was presented to the commissioner. The meeting included updates on commercial operations and ongoing efforts to enhance the aesthetics of green belts and parks in Jubilee Town and Avenue-1.

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Furthermore, it was disclosed that renovations for LDA’s One Window Cell at Avenue-1 have begun, while the Central Park of LDA Avenue-1 is nearing completion. The commissioner, also serving as LDA DG, instructed authorities to outsource the cricket ground of LDA Avenue-1 and emphasised expediting possession of the K block.


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