CDA Nods for Digital Parking Transformation


Islamabad: The Capital Development Authority (CDA) has given the green light for the digitisation of parking lots in the city, managing traffic and boosting the local economy, as reported by a news source on February 27.

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According to the details, the CDA Board approved a plan on Monday to digitise parking facilities across Islamabad. This initiative is particularly focused on business centres, where parking issues often contribute to traffic jams.

Under an agreement with M/S AJCL, parking sites in Islamabad will be upgraded with the latest equipment and management systems. This includes the introduction of automatic and smart parking systems to streamline operations.

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The decision to digitise parking was reached during the 9th meeting of the CDA Board on October 5, 2023, and has since been finalised with the signing of an agreement. M/S AJCL emerged as the successful bidder in a transparent bidding process, offering a revenue share of 75% to the CDA and retaining 25% for themselves.


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