CBD Route 47 Opens for Public


Lahore: The Punjab Caretaker Chief Minister (CM) Mohsin Naqvi inaugurates Central Business District (CBD) Route 47 in Lahore given the traffic congestion in the city, according to a news source on February 25.

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Pursuant to the details, emphasising the CBD’s importance in advancing Punjab’s progress, CM Naqvi highlighted its pivotal role as a provincial asset. The newly opened CBD Route 47, stretching from Main Boulevard Gulberg to Walton Road, is poised to provide a lasting solution to Lahore’s traffic woes.

Expressing confidence in the CBD Punjab’s ability to complete ongoing projects within the set timeframe, CM Naqvi underscored the route’s connectivity. CBD Route 47 will link Main Boulevard Gulberg, while CBD Punjab Quaid District will connect to Walton Road, and CBD Punjab to Bab District.

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The implementation of CBD Route 47, a 4.2-kilometer dual road project with six lanes, is expected to significantly enhance traffic flow in Lahore. CM Naqvi praised CBD’s efficient project completion, attributing it to diligent efforts and swift execution. The CBD CEO and Housing Secretary Imran Amin received accolades for their commitment to finishing the project within the stipulated timeframe.


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